Everest Trailer


Everest Camper Specifications

Tare: 480Kg, GVM 1800Kg, Length: 3.78m, Width: 1.725, Height: 1.365m,
2.5T Axle, 7 x Blade Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers
3 x 15" Steel Rims and Off Road Tyres


Looks can be deceiving. The word “tardis” and the Everest off road camper is synonymous. The Everest off Road Camper is actually larger than she appears to be from the outside. The Everest unwrapped reveals her worthiness as South Africa’s No1. 1 selling low bed off road camper.

The Everest is a unique compact off road camper suitable for 2 to 4 campers. The single most unique characteristic that distinguishes the Everest from other off road camper trailers in her low height. The overall height of the Everest measures in at 1.3m. Therefore the 2.1m x 1.65m bed with its 100mm dual density mattress needs no ladder to get on measure on it. This low height bed makes the Everest much safer for children and aptly suitable for mature and senior citizens as well as people with leg and lower back aliments.

The low height of the Everest guarantees towing pleasure and ease of set up. Towing an off road camper trailer with the comfort of rear view traffic has become a reality. At least you don’t have to be a contortionist to deploy your off road camper trailer. Within seconds the tent of the Everest deploys to the rear and with little effort the light weight awning with accompanying side panels are deployed for camping pleasure.

The 2.5T axle with leaf springs and shock absorbers mounted to a sturdy galvanized chassis with run in mechanical brakes ensures peace of mind no matter what terrain. When maturity, desire, achievement and adventure enters your life you are ready to add the Everest to your lifestyle.


The Camper
Everest Camper
15" Wheels. Optional 16" and 17" Wheels.
Steel or Mag Rims 3. 2.5T Axle with Mechanical Brake System
Leaf Springs together with Gas Struts
Galvanized Chassis
Galvanized, Powder Coated Body
High Lift Jack Points
Choice of Colours
The Overall Height of the Everest Camper is 1.5m. Hence the centre of gravity is so much lower which makes towing the Everest an absolute pleasure. The obvious benefit of the low height is experienced when deploying the tent to the rear. A walk on the b
Excellent drawbar weight.
Ruggedness, Quality and Style Infused
2 X 80Ltr Belly Watertanks
The Eversest tent
Bed height (Low 2-step ladder to get into bed)
Rear folding tent with 2.1m x 1.6m room (Choice of colour)
2-Step ladder to get into bed
Supplied with tent
Mattress 100mm convoluted (Egg box) 2.1m x 1.6m
Supplied with tent
Awning (Patio or Tropical)
Side Panels (Solid, window, door, taper & skirt)
Add a room 2.4m x 1.6m
Custom made ground sheets or standard
Tent pole box (Belly mounted)
245Ltr. Belly Drawer
2x Plastic bins slide mounted
Everest Kitchen
Slide mounted kitchen galley
Fitted glass top gas stove or loose supplied gas stove
Cutlery and crockery for 6 campers(Shock mounted)
Glasses 6 of each (Beer, Whiskey and Wine) (Shock mounted)
Dry rack and basin
2x Gas bottles together with mounting brackets
Quick connect utility gas point
Standard with fitted gas stove
4 x 42Ltr. Plastic bins slide mounted
Water System
Everest water system
2x 80Ltr. Food grade plastic water tanks (Belly mounted)
Pressure pump together with utility water point
Inline gas geyser or Hanson 19Ltr gas/220V electric geyser
Shower utility point with 6m shower nozzle
Everest Electrical
Motor industry standard harnesses
Power pack (220V, vehicle charge, solar charge)
LED light in tent and at work surfaces
Deep cycle battery 105 Amp hour
220V Multi Plug
Solar connection plug
Everest Accessories
2x Jerry cans together with Jerry can holders
Axe and spade
Fire extinguisher
Rock shield
3 Leg potjie holder
The Nose Cone
Everest Nose Cone
Handy Roof Rack to Store Fire Wood and Charcoal
Locking Compartment to Stow Dirty Braai Grids
Nosecone compartment houses 90Ltr. Fridge Freezer
Rock Shielding to protect bodywork
2 x 25ltr. Jerry Cans
Axe and Spade Mounting
The RH Side
Everest RH Side
2 x 42Ltr. Removable Storage Bins Plastic
Compartment to House Hanson 19Ltr Geyser or 5.5Ltr/min inline Gas Geyser
220V Utility Adapter
Solar Plug
Shower Point
The Rear
Everest Rear
2 x 42Ltr. Removable Storage Bins Plastic
Rear Mounted Spare Wheel
Tent Pole Storage (Behind number plate)